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I’m not sure why you'd probably wish to pull the cable about the front diff — I believed you reported the entrance axle turns when in 4WD but not 2WD? If that is the scenario, the axle is engaged (indicating the cable is staying pulled).

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The true secret to keeping almost everything lined up and not heading in the future sideways is to define or evaluate the thrust-line of the vehicle and align Each individual wheel to this thrust line. The desired thrust line is the middle line of the car. That is measured, not from your body, which is just not positioned precisely more than enough with regard for the suspension pivots for being valuable.

ought to i be unplugging my tccm and resetting the system immediately after i adjust to encoder motor. I assumed it was a transfer situation proplem due to the fact I believed it absolutely was binding up instead of letting teh encoder motor begin in 2wd.

PS – the flashing change lights indicate the process is attempting to communicate with the rest of the method. When it stops, this means it couldn't communicate with part of the method.

As to the encoder motor being fried as the TCCM “got corroded and shorted it out” — again, it doesn’t feel very likely to me. You'll find (off-the-best of my head) seven wires involving the TCCM as well as the encoder motor. 2 of them are electrical power (+/-) and they are FUSE protected. four of them are signal strains and the final one is signal ground. If the ground wire was corroded and shorted (to what?

Drive the vehicle on to a flat area, jack up the entrance stop, and location the vehicle on jack stands. Be certain the steering wheel is unlocked.

Outstanding — I’m glad that my blog was ready that may help you remedy your problem, and hopefully help you save some money! Regards;

I by now replaced the balljoint plus the tie rods, but my front passenger wheel remains to be off. What else can I do to repair the alignment.

Test your tire force. Your tires needs to be appropriately and evenly inflated before you proceed. Tires that are not appropriately inflated may well in Discover More Here fact be the reason for your functionality challenges, so It really is a smart idea to Examine this first. You might not should do anything.

Needless to say, your TCCM could be negative, and having true troubles inside the ATC itself. That’s the situation with methods such as this — it could be Pretty much nearly anything.

If you discover that it's your trouble — a diode in addition to a capacitor ought to resolve the challenge. What you do is obtain a diode (1N4148) and area it around the logic supply line on the TCCM (the polarity marker, a bad, in the direction of the TCCM), and put a capacitor (100uF 36v need to do it) in between the diode along with the TCCM. What this does is prevents the battery from pulling power Through the TCCM (via the diode) and the capacitor would make guaranteed you might have plenty of electricity there to “briefly” operate the TCCM even though the car or truck battery is becoming drawn from.

The primary dilemma you'll be able to test oneself. Seize the schematics from the first article and exam pins 26 by way of 29 for logic power (+5VDC), employing pin sixteen as your ground. You might also choose to get under the vehicle and exam a similar wires in the encoder motor. Take a look at the ground wire there too.

Now, if you DO hear the “simply click-click on”, then your TCCM is Doing work and seeking to change into 4WD — the issue, IMO, would then be Using the module that is definitely within the transfer scenario (I fail to remember the term for it at this time) — it is an easy “motor” setup that simply just moves the transfer case gears to the right mode.

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